Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On the Road Again

Just like Willie Nelson's song, we are--
On the Road Again!
Our mission today was to be in Paducah by 3:30. 
I had to be at the National Quilt Museum
for the dress rehearsal for the Veteran's Day Celebration.
But-- the closest quilt shop we could stop at was just featured in the
2015 Fall/Winter Quilt Sampler Magazine.
Q - First in Quilting in Lexington, KY
Full of brights and modern prints, not my style, but I did pick up a few
1930's half yards and florals.
Them back "On the Road Again"
thru Kentucky and finally Paducah.
Just a quick stop at the Dodge Dealer there
(low tire light came on in the car)
now to the hotel.
Quick change and touch up and off to the museum. 
Chris and Margaret stayed behind and I think they took a nap.
Lucky them!
After practice
picked them up and off to Olive Garden for supper.
Olive Garden
Back at the hotel
I am trying to organize my stash additions.  Found bags
under the seat,
 in the seat,
 behind the seat
You get the idea.
Here they are--
lots of repros and florals
some 1930's repros
a border and binding for my spools quilt
more repros

a few patterns,
1 small kit
a few spools of thread (2 for Carol)

Some QOV stash
and a few things for my friends

Now many bags are reduced
to just 2
Oh yeah!
I forgot the big one in the back of the car from Mary's.
the 1 old returning UFO
 2 new UFO's
and 1 pristine kit!
Next time!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Classes Day #2

Got to Day 2 of classes with no breakdowns!
By this time, we are five giddy gals. 
Mountmellick was our first class this morning. 
Margaret, Chris and I already had fabrics and kits for this.  We started it when it was
Di's mystery in 2014 from Quilt Mania.
I was on my 3 border, Margaret had stems on her center and Chris HAD
a pristine kit until today.  We made her cut out stems!
Margaret got all of her swags sewn on and some of the broderie perse flowers cut out.
I got 84 1/2" hexies prepped and 3 sets made into flowers. 
Have 9 sets to go.
Here is a new one Di started in her favorite color red.
Here is ours (when they are finished).

OK got thru the morning class, but we were a bit rowdy.
Second class, kit arrived on the table and I don't think any of us even opened it.
We are all saving it as pristine kit!
Our rebels at table 1
Front:  Margaret, Kathy Hall and Angie.
Back:  Di, me and Chris
Kathy Hall is the Design Coordinator for Andover who printed Di's fabric line.
Hint:  Another one is in the works
Guess What----Kathy is from Roxana (IL), graduated in 1973 like Margaret and I and we all know some of the same people!!!
She has even been in the shop!!!!
WOW-have to drive 700+ miles to meet up
Angie (don't ask me to spell or even pronounce her last name-sorry Angie)
owns The Quilted Owl just outside of New Orleans.
By Monday afternoon's class, we were the noisiest.  Kathy, Angie and I spent most of the class downstairs with Mary.  Kathy and I both came home with a early 1800-1810 linen bed sheet from Mary's secret stash!
Kathy is going to applique on hers and keep it like a coverlet.
I am going to cut mine up and maybe use it in the center to applique on for one
of Di's future quilts.
Sad to go, but at 5:00 pm we were packed in the car and headed west (or south).
Rain, drizzle, falling temps in the mountains as we headed through Maryland and West Virginia.
Finally stopping about half way to Paducah in Ashland KY for the night.
Late and headed to bed but here are a few more pic from Di.
Maybe a new one for her new book?

New pattern soon!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Classes on Day #1

So excited to get to Di Ford Hall's classes today.
Up early
Ready early
Breakfast early
Went out to the car-got in-nothing

That's right, the battery was dead.
Margaret hitched a ride to class with other quilters at the hotel.
Chris and I stayed behind to wait for AAA to come.
Great service, battery replaced and we were not late for class!

But---it took a hefty bit out of my purchasing stash!
My DH, I will be collecting for this when I get home

I know I have used these words a lot the last few days, but
still do not seem like enough.
When you see Di's work in her book or in the magazine, it is wonderful.
Love her colors, designs and just everything about the quilt. 
My kind of quilts.
When you see them in person, up close and personal!

They are to "Di" for!
A little pun on the humor here-OK not good I know.
I am a quilter not a comedian.
Here is what we did in the Palampore Class

No this is not mine-this is Di's and it will be part of her new book. 
It is made with Mary Koval's Palampore Panel.
 I just got a lot of the panel cut up today. 
There really wasn't  any room to lay out your background
and play with putting your design together. 
Project # ??? for when I get home.
Our Tree of Life class was in the afternoon.
I did get a bit more accomplished in this class.
No not this much-again, this is Di's.  And again, this will become part of her book.
We will be getting the remainder of the patterns as they are completed.
I can wait for the book.  MAYBE by the time it is published, I may be to the point I need the rest.
This took Mary's Tree of Life toile and cut it up to redesign the center.
During classes, in between class and at lunch, I was running downstairs
to add to my accumulating "stash" of fabrics.
I think I really should have checked out tonight and then
could have started all over again tomorrow.
Maybe that wouldn't have seemed to bad.
Now, I will have two days of collecting to pay for!!!!
Relaxing at the hotel.  Start again bright and early in the morning.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

We Won!

What an amazing time we had tonight at the Di Ford Hall lecture.
Listening to how Di's thought process works to design her quilts, how she picks fabrics, uses the fabrics in her designs was fascinating. 
And tomorrow at 9:00 we will begin to actually put some of those though processes to use.
Here is a peek at one of her quilts.
I'm sure there will lots more quilts tomorrow when we can get up close and personal with them.
Great dinner next door at Ed's Steakhouse.  Now to relax and sew a bit before turning in.
PS.  I won the fabric bundle at the luncheon, well Margaret and Chris both won tonight PLUS I won AGAIN.  So I traded my fabric bundle from the luncheon and kept the one this evening.  A new panel from Andover.  Plus got Di's thoughts on just what she would do with it. 
Maybe it will be on a future blog on what Jan will do with it.