Sunday, July 1, 2018

So Sad!

It' always sad on the last night of retreat.
I can't believe it has been  7 days of sewing.
The others here with me ask if we could look into maybe 
2 weeks sometime.
I guess they think a week isn't long enough either.

Today, Dear Jane continued and I was amazed at finishing 10 more blocks.
I am not caught up -May and June!  
(Tomorrow I will be behind again-but oh well)

And with these comes 3 more sets and some partials of my leader/ender project.
This puts me about half way of the 98 blocks.

Think I will retire early tonight
well-early for retreat since it's only 2:25 am
my usual bedtime.

Till tomorrow sewers!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hooray for Fridays

Normally I would be jumping for joy that Friday is here
but at retreat is means that I only have

You know my day doesn't start until about 10:30 am
I'm a night owl and usually don't go to bed until 3-4 am.

So-a little sewing before we left for the quilt shop and dinner about 3:30. 
Found some fabrics for QOV and a few pieces of repro for the stash 
and a layer cake of Kaffe for my Pandemonium quilt 
(I am starting a new fabric collection you know)

After returning from dinner, 
I got down to work on Dear Jane.

and a few leader/enders pieces

Think I will continue Dear Jane today
although the progress on these puppies is really slow.

Closed out the day at 5:15 am this morning
Good night!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hump Day

Did you miss me yesterday?
I didn't post because it wasn't a very productive sewing day.

After a trip into Columbia and then over to Waterloo we returned and
ALL I did the rest of the day AND night was cut out.

I cut at least 15 sets of leader enders, (I lost count after that) 
including all of their backgrounds---

Then came the entire quilt for Pieceful Pines
Lots of pieces of  from lots of different fabrics.

And I cut up a few more blocks for QOV

Speaking of those QOV blocks
Do you ladies remember sewing some of these a few months ago
for the QOV Block Drive:

They turn out like this after I get finished cutting and sewing them

Pretty cool!

We had a changing of the guard today-one retreater left, but two came in and we had
an extra one come visit us just for the day.

Since my day yesterday was almost non sewing I really 
had the pedal to the floor for hump day.  
I can't believe that this retreat is almost over.  

Here are three more finished leader/ender blocks

Month One - Pieceful Pines
This is a 28" center

Month 2 - Pieceful Pines

and Month 3 - Pieceful Pines

This puts me ahead on Pony Club, Mystical Prism, Pieceful Pines and Voices  blocks!
All of my must get done projects are finished.
What to work on the rest of retreat????

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Retreat Day #2

Today started off rather well
then problems started to develop

Seems like every block I made wasn't fitting the way it should.
There was LOTS of ripping 

LOTS of refiguring

and LOTS of recutting.

But in the end---the August Pony Club blocks are finished 
and all instructions are corrected.

These are my 8" and 4".  The other two sets were finished yesterday.

And I did get 6 more of my leader/ender blocks together today as well.

Had a wonderful dinner at Joe Biccardi's in Columbia.  
Watched the several storms roll through!

Just before going up to bed, I starched my fabrics for tomorrow's project
Mystical Prism

I also want to cut out more leader/ender pieces
cut out for Pieceful Pines - our new Block of the Month at the shop
(I need to at least catch up on May, June and July)

It's now 3:35 am so--
Good Night!