Monday, November 12, 2018

Some Show and Tell

Here are a couple of quilts I have been working on for customers:
LK brought in this embroidery basket top.  Done as a BOM here a few years ago, she set it together with some wonderful oriental feel fabrics.

  And the quilting designs help to reflect that feel as well.

And here is one made by CA, Prairie Gathering.

Here is an edge to edge with a custom feel

And one last custom

And this weekend I managed to get these two UFO blocks set together:

Remember the Bag Ladies embroidery we did a few years back---

A few buttons and crystals will be added after the quilting is done.

And we just finished up the Snow Ladies in September.  

Now to finish some more---

Keep on stitchin!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Retreat-The Adventure Continues

A little later start to the day, some early quilt shopping and the lunch.  Had some visitors this afternoon, a group of ladies in the conference room across the way visited. 

So here is what was accomplished today!  More leader/ender stars:

  Then moving on to the 28 - 4" star blocks for Lori Holt's BOW Autumn Love

  and 4 - 10" Harvest Star blocks for the same quilt.

Now, I am officially NOT behind on this block of the week sew along.  Until Monday that is.  I will have until then to get all of the applique done on the house block.  THAT is on the agenda for tomorrow.  

See you then!

Fall Retreat

It's that time of year again when fall retreat is finally here.  And did I really need it.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and I feel I have always been lagging behind the entire time.  So now is my chance to try and get just a little caught up.

Day #1 had me getting my Blockswappers finished (totally done because I hadn't even started them) for November 1.
Next was a totally new project for next Halloween.

  Between all of these of course, were my leader/ender project, Triangle Gatherings.
The little 3" blocks were finished on vacation at the lake in September, but all of the large half's for the star border were done today.  Here is one block that is totally finished.
 And finally, last weeks house block for my Autumn Love by Lori Holt.  This is a weekly sew along and so far, I have been keeping up (well, maybe just about 5 days behind).

Day #2 had me again working on those star borders (leader-enders) and finishing 3 more

 and all while getting 6 sets of blocks done for Pony Club (January)

  These are 4" and 8" blocks!

And now to bed for tomorrow's adventure!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Why It All Happens at Once!

Do you ever think WHY does this always happen to me?
Well--I don't (at least anymore) because it happens so often, I finally got used to the unexpected.
Now, that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated, but just keep on trudging thru to the other side.

So here is a little catching up pre-vacation that I forgot to post.
Why, well because it all came at once, welcoming home grandson, packing for vacation, saying goodbye to said grandson and then leaving.

Dear Grandson graduating from USMC Boot Camp, San Diego, CA

Home on leave for a few days then back to  ACT (Advanced Combat Training) 30 days and then
14 months of schooling for his specialty (don't really know what that is, Classified)
I do foresee a California trip in my future though.

Vacation WrapUp
The last few things I finished on vacation were:
Putting Dear Jane together into rows.  
I have 3 blocks left to finished row #10 and then 3 more rows to complete the inside.
Outside triangles are finished on 2 sides.

Also put together these leader-ender 3" blocks.

Quick turn-around once we arrived home on Saturday the 15th.  Unloaded the truck, checked on my Dad
and then showered and changed and drove to Pere Marquette Lodge for my cousin's wedding.
Lots of family in from out of town, so we had a really great time.

Sunday was mostly putting everything from vacation away, quick trip to the shop and washing up all of the clothes with napping between chores.  Dinner with family later in the day and they requested an Angel Food cake and Almond Poppy Seed Loaf.

Monday at the shop was catching up on paperwork, customers and the like.  Also some packing for the next "adventure".  Tuesday was much the same, but visiting with Free Sew quilters and a tad more fun and loading the car.  Wednesday (the 20th) was last minute things I forgot and off to Springfield by noon.  Manning the QOVF booth at MQX. Thanks to Susan and Margaret for coming up to help. We had a great time!

Anyone out there think their sewing space is too small.
Meet Eric Long.  Eric made this quilt

Eric is an over the road truck driver and takes his sewing machine, iron, etc. with him on the road.
During some of his down time, he is busy sewing in the sleeper section of his truck!
He and his wife (the longarmer and quilter also) have a fantastic studio at home in Tennessee.

I couldn't make it home in time on Saturday night (22nd) to see Granddaughter and boyfriend Sam
going to the Bethalto Homecoming.  But the pics are fantastic.

With September almost over with, I though I could breath a sigh of relief.  
Then, I found out that the GREEN strips I had cut out for October  Blockswappers were the wrong color.  How could this happen when I wrote the color calendar?
So, grabbed the blue tonal I had picked out and quickly started cutting to get them done by Oct. 1

I can't tell you how many times I have hear-----
Your blocks always look so perfect, you never make mistakes!

Well, that's because YOU NEVER SEE THEM!
They are always made in the middle of the night when I am sewing!
So here is a real doozie of a mistake.

Did you notice anything wrong?  Unless you are participating in our Blockswappeer program this year, you may not.  After carefully stripping, pressing, sewing and pressing again all 24 blocks, it wasn't until I was on the last couple to square up when I realized it!

THEY ARE 6 1/2"

And they need to be 9 1/2"
So quick trip into the "vault"

picked out ANOTHER blue tonal and white print and started over.  And they were all perfect-hardly any trimming necessary.  The correct size were completed and turned in on Monday, October 1.

Smooth sailing the final week in September, or so I though!
Despite the size mixup above, all was going smooth until Friday!

The dreaded black (or blue) screen on the computer when it wouldn't boot up that morning.
Quick trip to Ace in Bethalto, fretting all weekend-final call-
Dead and must reinstall Windows 10.
Lost all!

So, I am now working from my old Windows 7 computer, trying to get by
until mine comes back and then days reloading all of the programs on it.

In the mean time, here is the latest block from my Lori Holt BOW.

Oh yeah-on Monday I ran the needle through my finger on my longarm!